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Shoutcast Server

- Is a software for stream media over the Internet.
- The software, allows digital audio content to be broadcast to media players.
- Enabling the creation of Internet Radio Station or for DJ and Musician to broadcast creation.
- The output format is supported by multiple clients, including Winamp, VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, Android Phone, iPhone.
- Some traditional radio stations use Shoutcast Server to extend their presence onto the Web.

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Autodj Radio Automation

- Alows you to keep your Music online 24/7 without having to run a source (Winamp, SAM Broadcaster, VirtualDJ) from your pc.
- You can upload your audio files to AutoDJ and they will play from the Shoutcast Server meaning you may switch off your pc.
- Your Music will still be on air for people to listen and your djs can connect anytime for live session.
- No intervention is required to stop or start autodj when a dj connect, this is done automatically.

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Alife Virtual

- Alife Virtual Is A World Similar To Second Life!
- Are you a builder or virtual world fan and can not afford the high costs to get the large amount of prims you need to build in second life?
- You can buy a FULL SIM with 20000 PRIMS
for as little as monthly amount 10 USD!

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Explore And Discover

Adventures, Arts, Bars, Beaches, Business, Adults, Castles, Chats, Discussions,
Communities, Education, Nonprofits, Fashion And Style, Animations, Clothing, Shoes,
Skins, Shapes, Hair, Jewelry, Tattoos, Games, Newcomer Friendly Spots, Buildings,
Gardens, Lands, Movies, Music, Live DJs, Parks, Role Playing Communities, Vampires,
Steampunk, Fantasy, Historical, Pirates, Sci-Fi, Romance, Wedding, Romantic Spots,
Sailing, Science, Technology, Spirituality, Hobbies, Surfing, Underwater,
Wilderness, Zombies, ...and more

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