About Shoutcast Net

Our Low Latency Live Stream Server Is Exactly What Is Needed By DJs, Radio Stations, TV Stations, Artists, Event Organisers, Any Kind Of Sporting Presentation, Gaming, Conferences, Training, Monitoring and Surveillance! Create A Radio Station Or TV Station And Connect With Your Audience Anywhere Anytime! We have Designed A Real Time Live Stream Server For Broadcasts Where Interactivity Is Of Paramount Importance! Our system Is Capable Of Sub-One-Second Live Streaming With The Ability To Scale Up To A Million Viewers or Listeners! We Bring Multimedia To Your Website Enabling Your Viewers And Listeners To Connect On Any Device!

shoutcast net unlimited global audience

Unlimited Audience

Shoutcast Net is capable of scaling automatically to accommodate global audiences of any size, anywhere in the world, using a global high speed fiber network.

shoutcast net high speed global network

High Speed Network

Shoutcast Net provide sub-one-second live streaming, which can be scaled up to a million users, enabling connection on any device at any time.

24/7 free online support

24/7 Online Support

Our support staff is available 24/7, ready to help solve any problems and respond to any customer enquiries. For emergency situation a romote connection will be initiated.

latest performance server hardware

Performance Hardware

Shoutcast Net uses the best servers and network connections provided by top cloud companies, we are able to provide an guarantee of 99% uptime.

shoutcast net high speed global network

Multi Homed Network

The architecture utilized by Shoutcast Net makes the very best use of routing and switching equipment to provide a redundant and highly available network.

shoutcast net reliable custom software

Reliable Software

Shoutcast Net uses a custom designed control panel, giving the client advanced control of the server, auto dj and media, resulting in best management.

Shoutcast Net Services

What makes Shoutcast Net the leading streaming hosting provider is the fact that we are hosted by Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. As a result, we are powered by the industry’s most advanced servers and networks, provided with the best control panel and embeddable web players.

Low Latency Stream Server

Shoutcast is a software for video and audio live streaming over the internet. The software, allows digital content to be broadcast to any web browser, enabling the creation of internet radio and internet tv, making it possible for djs, musicians and others to publish their creations. The output format is supported by multiple clients, including all web browsers also Android and iPhone. Traditional stations use our low latency stream servers in order to extend their presence to the Internet.

Auto Dj Stream Automation

Allows the client to keep media files online without the necessity to run them from their personal computers. Media files are uploaded to auto dj and played from the server. The possibility exists to decide how the audio or video files will be played, whether in sequential order or randomly. No intervention is required to stop or start auto dj when a live dj connects, this is done automatically. Listeners or viewers will still use the same media url when a livedj connects. This will never change.

Media On Demand Service

The Media On Demand Service permits the use of various on demand file formats, such as MP3, MP4, FLV, WEBM, MKV. We provide streaming solutions to a wide range of clients in the fields of art, education, corporate, venue, sport and gaming. Dynamic streaming is the technology that automatically selects and streams the highest quality to an end point based on connection speed. We have the experience and knowledge to make a real improvement in your communication.

Media Recording And Encoding

The first stage of encoding is video and audio capture. Encoding can be achieved with hardware or software. There are features and price points in all granularities for the requirements of the workflow. When encoding is performed by dedicated hardware, the hardware is designed to carry out the encoding rules automatically. Good hardware design allows for higher quality video and audio at low latencies by using our encoders for ensure the high quality of media files.

All Servers Plans Includes

Benefits now from the latest and most modern streaming technologies implemented in the cloud environment with very high computing power and connectivity.

shoutcast net server

Latest Performance Hardware

We use the best servers and connections available. Thus, we are able to provide optimal streaming with a guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

shoutcast net support

24/7 Online Support Available

Our support staff is available 24/7, ready to help solve any problems and respond to any customer enquiries.

shoutcast net reliable software

Reliable Server Side Software

We use a custom control panel, giving advanced control over your server, auto dj and data configuration and management.

shoutcast net uptime guarantee

99.99% Stream Up Time Guarantee

We using the best servers and connections available, we are able to provide optimal streaming and 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

shoutcast net free software

Free Streaming Application

We provide free software and setup support making it possible to start broadcasting in minutes, with no need to purchase any software.

https link custom name and player

Customized Secure Link And Name

We offer a free https link, custom stream name, custom player and assistance to facilitate integration into any website or mobile application.